The Only Christian

Have you ever felt as if you are the only Christian for miles around?  If you can say, “yes”, than I understand exactly what you are talking about.  Sometimes in my Christian walk with the Lord I feel out of place.  For instance, I am often the only Christian on my job, and it get’s difficult at times when I long for Christian fellowship and have none.  But the great thing is that the Lord is always there.  In our loneliest times, Jesus is still with us.  Sometimes we may not feel his presence as strongly, and that is when we can truly say that we are walking by faith, and not by sight. 

We must realize that God places us in different locations for a purpose, and often it could be because he wants to use us to tell others about Jesus Christ.  He never leaves Himself without a witness, and if we are the only Christian in any given place at any given time, than we are God’s witness.  May the Lord grant us all the strength to be the lights and witnessess he’d have us to be!  Amen.

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