What a busy day!

Melissa, my children, and I got up early this morning to prepare for the free hotdog lunch at the Mission.  Shortly after we arrived, Dennis Cline and Danny Nolan (who attend the church) brought over four pews that were an answered prayer.  Some of our pews had became a little worse for the wear and really needed to be replaced.  Praise God, the Lord provided!  The only thing is, these newer pews are blue, and our other pews are brown.  Our sanctuary may now look a bit peculiar with brown and blue pews mixed together, but at least they are all sturdy and safe now.  Praise the Lord!

We had a good time at our hotdog lunch today.  I had the pleasure of meeting several new people and inviting them to Vacation Bible School and to our regular services.  Some of them seemed as if they would be interested in paying our church a visit, so we’ll see.  There were many kids that came by today, for which I am thankful.  For a small congregation we certainly have no shortage of children.  They seemed to enjoy themselves by eating hotdogs, playing with hula hoops, windmills, jump ropes, frisbees, and waving people in from the parking lot.

After the hotdog lunch ended, Melissa worked on VBS props and stuff, while I scrubbed and cleaned on our four new pews (they were a mess).  I finally got them looking presentable for tomorrow’s services, and then spent some time helping Melissa with props for VBS.  There sure is much work that goes into a vacation Bible school, and we still have much to do before Monday the 28th, but we are getting there.

Special thanks today go to Brother Danny, Brother Dennis, Brother Troy, and Brother Earl for helping us with the pews.  I’d also like to thank Sister Sandra Collins, and Sister Arizona Collins for helping us to serve and preparing the hotdog chili.  Special thanks to Sister Sandra Blankenship for all the valuable help she contributed today in many areas.  I’d like to thank my mom, Elizabeth Hall-Cline, for helping with the hotdog lunch, as well as keeping an eye on the kids (which is a VERY important task at our church).  Special thanks to Sister Teresa Hulse who provided some fun activities for the kids.  We thank those who helped us put the tent up, move tables, carry chairs, clean up, etc.  Very special thanks go to Charity Greene, Spencer Hall, and Patience Hall who were wonderful little helpers today.  Very special thanks to our teenagers, Dee Dee Holmes, and Morgan Hall, who worked very hard in many areas of need on this busy day.  I especially want to thank my wonderful wife, Melissa, who is always willing to do anything she possibly can for the Lord.  She worked VERY hard today serving, cleaning, crafting, preparing, mothering, and busying herself in ways that are too numerable to mention.  As a matter of fact, she’s out making copies for VBS and shopping for crafts at this moment.  I thank God for my wife!  And last but certainly not least, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for dying on the cross to pay my sin debt, and giving me strength to face each day.  Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!  AMEN!

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