The VBS Crunch

The time draws ever closer to the start of our 2008 VBS, “God’s Big Backyard”.  Melissa has spent part of this evening planning and working on VBS T-shirts, while giving me a little time to get rested up.  Lisa Blankenship has been busy for the church handing out flyers in her neighborhood.  One thing that I’ve learned in recent years is that when you put forth that kind of effort, God ALWAYS blesses.  He may not do it the way you would expect Him to do it, but he does it nonetheless.  I can remember back to November, 2005, when I held a revival at First Freewill Baptist Church of Morrison City.  I hit the community knocking on doors, inviting people, and giving out flyers.  Not one person that I visited came to the revival.  NOT ONE!  But God blessed the effort nonetheless, and many unexpected people came instead.  So to those of you who are working for the Lord, don’t lose heart.  Keep working for Him, and He WILL bless your efforts.

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