Our God Answers Prayers

The Bible describes our dear Lord as someone whose eyes are over the rigtheous and his ears are open unto our cries.  I’m glad that I know that this is certainly true.  Our church had fallen into somewhat of a financial slump lately and we really needed some money coming in to be able to continue our ministry at the current level.  We began to pray that the Lord would help us with this need and thank God He did!  This past Wednesday night before our prayer meeting service, some folks from our church approached me in the parking lot and handed me $450 (which is a considerable offering as far as we are concerned).  As it turns out, some of the good people that attend The Free Gift Gospel Mission had banded together and did a side job of hanging drywall and donated the money from this job to the church.  I thank God for this wonderful offering and the fine loving people who gave.  This offering really helped us to alleviate some financial burden and it helped us to purchase some items of need for “Friends And Family Day”.  I praise the name of the Lord for His great blessings and for the obedience of His children.  God bless you all.

Love In Christ,

Pastor Vern Hall

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One Response to Our God Answers Prayers

  1. Elizabeth Hall-Cline says:

    ”Praise the Lord”

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