Daddy and Patience

I was fortunate enough to spend practically all day with my two year old daughter, Patience.  She was good company and I enjoyed spending this time with her.  We took a trip to WMCH (where we have our radio broadcast in Church Hill, TN), we spent some time at the church tidying up and hanging a poster for “Youth Sunday”, we went to visit my grandmother, and swung by the grocery store.  I took this opportunity to spoil her a little bit by giving her a pack of M&M’s all her own and we split of big bag of Nacho Cheese Bugles.  Karen Looney at WMCH gave her a small candy bar which she devoured, and we later went home and had frozen pizza.  What a day!  Surprisingly, neither of us have a stomach ache.

Patience loves to help.  She was very happy to help me carry in the groceries today.  Sometimes it would be easier for me just to do things myself, but I try to feed her desire to help without shooting her down.  When she wants to help carry in the groceries sometimes the bags are too heavy, so I’ll pull out a small item and let her carry it up on her own.  That teaches her that it’s nice to help and makes her feel important (which she is). 

When I think about my kids, I think about my legacy.  Kids are a gift from God which we raise for about 18 years and then they enter society hopefully as productive upstanding citizens, but our parental duties do not end when our kids reach the age of 18.  I’m certainly not always perfect in my parenting but I do often recall the verse in the Bible that tells us to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  God help us parents to heed to that scripture.  The future of our world depends on it.

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