The Good News Mailmen

Hello Friends,

     My son, Spencer, and I would like to ask for your prayers for our new ministry centering in Downtown Kingsport.  For the last two Sundays (between church services) we’ve hit the streets giving out brochures from The Free Gift Gospel Mission.  These brochures contain information about how to be saved, and numerous scriptures.  We have also been blessed with the opportunity to do a little witnessing, and testifying right there on the side of the road.  The first Sunday we went out, we met 16 people on the sidewalk, gave them a brochure, and invited them to church.  We also got to talk with several folks about the goodness of the Lord.  The second week, we didn’t get to stay as long, but we still met 10 people, gave them brochures and invited them to church.  We also got to do some one on one ministry with several men and women.  I told Spencer that we we’re the Lord’s Good News Mailmen out delivering the good news.  So please keep us in your prayers.  I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep this up, but I’m enjoying it.  We may not be able to go out every Sunday, but we’re going to go every chance we get.

     So far everyone we’ve met has been receptive to us.  We’ve not had any major problems dealing with the public.  There was one young man named Billy who seemed a bit skeptical at first, but after I talked with him for a few minutes, he said he believed the message.  But please pray for Billy.  Pray for the others we’ve encountered also.  We’ve met several folks who are obviously down and out, but as long as the Good News Mailmen have the gospel to share, we will try to encourage the oppressed and afflicted.  We appreciate your love and prayer support.

Love In Christ,

Pastor Vern

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