The Grace of God- It’s STILL Amazing!

Here’s just a brief preview of tomorrow morning’s message if God doesn’t change it:

Grace, it’s STILL amazing!

In the New Testament Jesus Christ stood against graceless religious attitudes and against graceless religious leaders. Pharisees…..they were called. And it’s no wonder it was that group who determined to crucify Jesus because they knew a lot about religion, but they didn’t have an understanding of God’s grace.
Some folks will only allow grace to work inside of their church IF the person has been pre-approved by the committee to come to church there. Oh, God’s gonna shatter some religious spirits tomorrow morning at The Free Gift Gospel Mission. I expect the service to a great one as God has impressed my heart. Here are some other questions we will address:

-What is TRUE grace……or perhaps you might say WHO is true grace?
-Is grace the opposite of law?
-Who needs grace?
-Why is there so much confusion about grace today?
-We hear the phrase “fallen from grace” but what does it REALLY mean to be fallen from grace?
-Why is God’s grace so often referred to as AMAZING GRACE?

We’ll deal with these things and a whole lot more tomorrow morning at The Free Gift Gospel Mission. Come be with us. We are located at 1025 Maple Street in Kingsport. Sunday school starts at 10a.m

Love in Christ,

Pastor Vern Hall
The Free Gift Gospel Mission

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