BBQ Lunch Fundraiser Today

Reminder:  The Free Gift Gospel Mission will host a fundraiser lunch after this morning’s service.  The meal will consist of a BBQ sandwich, baked beans, cole slaw, and tea for a donation of $6 to our youth activity fund.  We invite everyone to attend.  We are located at 1025 Maple Street in Kingsport.
This fundraising event is open to the public so feel free to invite as many friends as you …like. I believe the Lord will bless the effort. Our church youth activity fund is used to support various things including our annual “Back to School Celebration” in which we give away many school supplies to children who need them, as well as provide inflatables for the younger children to enjoy. The “Back to School Celebration” is coming in August.
The School Supplies Ministry has been a great way for The Free Gift Gospel Mission to partner with parents, families, other teachers, and the community by eliminating affordability as an excuse which hinders children’s educational development. In my experience as an elementary classroom teacher I have learned that when children do not have the things they need, they can lose focus and become overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy. Parents and families can also fall into this pit. By helping local children with school supplies, this ministry has aided education in the Kingsport area. We have partnered with other teachers by helping them to provide back-packs to students who do not have back-packs. Making these supplies available has helped several teachers to alleviate distractions to their teaching, as well as help save their personal budgets. This ministry is a legitimate and functioning community help.
This is just one example of how the money we raise will be used. God bless you all.
Love in Christ,
Pastor Vern
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