Homecoming- April 6, 10:30a.m.

I’m happy to see my children excited and working hard to invite people to our Homecoming this Sunday, April 6. I think we’ll have at least one visitor spending the night with us on Saturday and possibly another one that we will be bringing on Sunday as well. Let it be contagious! If we are all serious about seeing the Lord Jesus Christ impact our loved ones, invite them to church where they will hear the gospel……the old, old story of Jesus and His love! Bless you all for getting those invitations out. If haven’t made any phone calls or given any invitations yet, fortunately you still have time to rise to the occasion. I believe there are many people out there in our families who need to be in church and God may be working on their end…….and all they’re waiting for is an invitation from you. Sometimes it’s easy to say, “But there’s no use inviting them……I’ve invited them a million times and they won’t come.” God may have changed their situation since the last time you invited them. You just never know. Don’t be detoured. I’m praying earnestly for you all, and for our church.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Vern

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