We Must Stay Focused

The church is facing the daunting task of addressing so many issues and concerns today: Islam, same-sex issues, Ebola, Atheism, and so on. We also have family responsibilities. We are husbands and fathers. It can become difficult for pastors to remain focused enough to adequately deal with all of these concerns simultaneously. When we focus on one, three others jump up. And if we are to do our proper service, we can’t just ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. In the midst of all this, we must keep as our main priority the preaching of the gospel and the declaration of the Lord Jesus Christ so the lost might come to know the Lord and the church might be edified. Please remember to pray for your pastor that God will give him grace, wisdom, and strength to stand in face of adversity and declare what thus saith the Lord. Thanks to all who pray for me daily. Please continue to do so.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Vern Hall
The Free Gift Gospel Mission
1025 Maple Street
Kingsport, TN

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