Interracial Couples

I have questioned whether or not I should post this but here goes. Some folks from our church were blessed to meet an interracial couple today and talk to them about Jesus. The husband (who was a black man with a white wife) told us how they had previously visited another church in town and were asked to leave because they were a mixed couple. Sadly, this isn’t by any means the first time I’ve heard of this happening locally.

I’ve heard the preachers who believe this way give their arguments and I don’t mind to tell you, their arguments fall flat. Scriptures have to be twisted and taken out of context to justify the condemnation of a mixed couple and the barring of such a couple from attending church. Maybe that’s the problem: these churches aren’t founded upon the Bible. I can understand warning a couple of potential social ramifications that might make their union more difficult, but asking them to not come back to church??? Please! Are you serious?

Here’s how I feel about it. I’ve found no solid scriptural basis for concluding that interracial couples can’t be Christians, and live blessed lives for God. If you are an interracial couple and you’ve been through this, and you feel like you can’t go to church, you come to The Free Gift Gospel Mission at 1025 Maple Street in Kingsport. This pastor will make you welcome. I can’t guarantee that some religious church goer won’t give you “the eye” but as far as I’m concerned…’ll be welcome. And I honestly don’t think our church has any such condemning people. When things like that pop up, I try my best to address it. Just know there is a church in Kingsport where you can attend. Bring your whole family. We’d love to have you.

If you are reading this and you happen to serve as “pastor” to one of these churches where interracial couples are asked to leave and not return, please don’t send them out the door without direction. The least you can do is tell them, “Go over to The Free Gift Gospel Mission on Maple Street. They’ll take you in.” Good day and God bless.

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