Into 2015

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. As for me, I’ve been busy getting caught up on some church work. Just trying to do what I can to see our church grow…..knowing that God is the one who gives the increase. A pastor’s life is always busy. You can literally pour as much into it as humanly possible and it still doesn’t seem like you’ve done enough. I’m still working through registration forms from Fall Festival trying to follow up with everyone. I’ve taken the last few days off from work and have been able to make some headway and get some folks contacted. I’ve been sending emails and hand-written letters. Pray these folks will accept the invitation to come back for our services. I’m looking forward to 2015 and seeing what God is going to do at The Free Gift Gospel Mission. Immediate goals pertain to carrying forth the Great Commission, seeing the lost saved, and seeing the saved grow. Secondary goals and plans are coming forth, as well, but they will only serve to undergird the immediate goals mentioned. How can you help play a part? The key is to remain faithful, pray, and support the church and the Lord’s work. We are learning and striving to grow with each passing year. I’m hoping to get back into the Bible giveaways now that Christmas has past and we’ll have some time to work with. But before all of this, we have church tonight at 7p.m! Come to worship and expecting God to show up, and I believe He will. We’ve got some folks who are still sick, so if you’re able to be there, we want to see you tonight. After all, what church is there without people in it? Love to all, Pastor Vern

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