Wednesday Night Series on The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians

Can you imagine planting a church………a GROUP of churches……and dedicating your life to preaching and teaching to them the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and once you follow the Spirit of God to spread the gospel in other places, in comes a group of false teachers who unrelentingly attempt to gain an audience with the people you dearly love. What’s worse than that, these people you dearly love begin to LISTEN to these false teachers, and take heed to their message which is, “Your faith in Jesus Christ is not enough for justification. You must add to your faith components of another religion or your own human works or else you’re not justified in the sight of God.” What’s EVEN WORSE than all of that, not only do these people you dearly love begin to follow this false gospel, but the false teachers start running YOU down……trying to discredit you and the truth you taught and preached. I can’t imagine having this as a reality in my life and at the same time being able to lay down and sleep at night. But for a man named the Apostle Paul, this WAS his reality.

I want to invite everyone out to The Free Gift Gospel Mission tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 7, 7p.m.) as we begin a Wednesday night series on The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians. We’ll see the passion of the Apostle Paul as he defends the true gospel of Christ, as well as his own ministry as an Apostle…..not of man…..but of God. I believe this series will serve to grow every believer who has a true heart to follow after God and will come with a teachable spirit and desire to know more of HIM. I’m asking for the prayers of those who love me as I study and prepare for these messages. My desire is that they’ll be used of God to be a blessing to many people.

Every share of this post is appreciated. Thank you for your support and God bless you all.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Vern
The Free Gift Gospel Mission
1025 Maple Street
Kingsport, TN

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