A Living Church

While listening to “Up For Debate” on Moody Radio today, I heard John J. Thompson say that Mega-churches are growing, medium-sized churches are shrinking, and small churches are dying. I’m thankful to God that this has not been the case with The Free Gift Gospel Mission. Next week we will celebrate the 8th Anniversary of our first service and enter our 9th year. Yes, we are still a small church, but we have only seen growth over the years-slow, steady, and healthy growth. We are flourishing with young people, and deeply value are older members as well. I give thanks to the Lord today for a living church….not a dying church.

I also want to remember to pray for those small churches that are having to close their doors. May those places where the Bible is being preached be blessed and revived, and may we all seek spiritual growth before numerical growth. May we also be reminded that although the word “church” may be understood in several ways, there is one church that is the bride of Christ. This church shall never die nor shall the gates of Hell prevail against it.

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