God Moving at the Nursing Home!

I have to share this good news. I came to Brookhaven nursing home this morning to visit one of our church members, Loretta Dorton, and if seems to me as if revival nearly broke loose! Loretta was given 8 weeks to live several months ago and she is still with us by God’s grace. But here is a testimony of how God is still using this woman. After praying with her she insisted that I meet some of the other folks who are currently residing there, so she grabbed her wheelchair to use as a walker and down the hall we went. Loretta led the way and I followed her. She stopped at several doors and asked people if they would like for her pastor to pray with them. We ended up in the activity room that was full of people. By the time it was all over, the Lord had opened doors for me to pray with numerous people. Folks were praising Jesus, crying, and laying their burdens down! Before I left the new activities director stopped me and discussed the possibility of arranging some form of ministry in the future….perhaps bringing a group of singers or something along those lines. I’m thrilled and encouraged at how this dying woman can remain so selfless and concerned for others despite her own condition. I saw some light shined in the darkness this morning. God is still on the throne, friends. He is still working and moving today!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Vern

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