New Podcast Episode from John Chapter 12

Isn’t it amazing how some people want to call themselves free thinkers?  They say, “Come and be free from religion that poisons the mind.  Be a free thinker.”  I say how can you call yourself a free thinker and yet you cannot tolerate a thought about God when your ability to think wouldn’t exist without God, and truth wouldn’t exist without God, because the existence of God is necessary for truth, otherwise truth would be whatever you say it is…..and nothing could be proven.  That doesn’t sound like free thinking to me.  Sounds like having your mind in bondage to secular humanism.  The words of the light must be heard.  If there’s nothing to these words why fight against them so much?  It’s because they are the words of God with power to changes lives.  They represent a truth and morality that a lover of sin cannot tolerate.

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