Schedule Update for Sunday, January 24

Church today at 2:00p.m.

As many of you know, Bro. Kenny had the church parking lot scraped last night.  We seem to think it’ll be ok to meet today.  I know we’ve got several who are really wanting to be in church somewhere today, so we’re trying to accommodate with reasonable bounds of safety.  I know many folks have been out and about without problem and should be ok to make it at 2:00p.m., but let me stress this:  if you are not completely confident that you can make it safely then DON’T try it.  Stay safe at home.  Also, please do no overestimate your own ability to traverse the conditions.  I don’t want anyone to fall get hurt today while trying to come to church.  So let me stress again:  if your roads are bad, and you can’t make it safely, stay at home.  We are not trying to break attendance records today.  But if you can make it safely, come on out and worship with us and be praying for the service that the Lord will meet with us today….because we need Him!

We may NOT be able to run the bus today.  I’ll see what things look like when I get there.

Pastor Vern

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