The January Jubilee starts tonight!

The January Jubilee is an opportunity handed to us by the Lord….an opportunity for us to be excited about coming to church, worshipping the Lord, and hearing His Word. It’s an opportunity for us to be excited enough about what God is doing that it abounds within our hearts throughout the day and culminates in a burning desire and anticipation to assemble together with those of like-precious faith. It’s an opportunity for us to be SO excited about what God is doing that we‘ll share Him in our conversations with the people we meet throughout the day, and rather than staying mum, we’ll speak up and invite people to come and worship God with us. Even more than that, the January Jubilee is an opportunity for us who desire to work for God, be used of God, and have been praying about how this can happen, to open our minds to not only inviting people we come across in the course of our day, but to actually put forth a real effort to go out of our way to call someone and invite them to come, or even drop in for a visit and invite someone that way. I pray many perceive and share the same perceptions of these opportunities that I’ve outlined here.

And just to think how Satan will try to lie to us and tell us it’s a dread and a drudgery to come to church, honor our commitments as members to support conferences and revivals etc., and try to plant in our minds the formulations of excuses and reasons why we shouldn’t feel obliged to turn out IN FORCE to eagerly participate in the things of God. I’m glad we have clear revelation in the Bible concerning who’s responsible for this. It’s none other than Satan, who is a liar and the Father of it! Thank you, Lord!

The January Jubilee begins tonight at The Free Gift Gospel Mission located at 1025 Maple Street in Kingsport. It will continue through Saturday night, January 30th with special singing and preaching each night at 7p.m. Tonight, Bro. Johnny Copas will be preaching and Mike and Dottie Lane will be our guest singers. I’m expecting God to move in hearts and minds and lives to be IMPACTED for Christ. Somebody may say, “Pastor, you’re always expecting that.” Yes, that’s true, and I always will, because I’ve witnessed first hand what God is able to do when His people get a mind to be about His business. So be encouraged, be challenged, and be blessed. My sincere and humble prayer is that folks will turn out tonight AND on through Saturday night for this Jubilee. Will you come and worship with us? I pray you will.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Vern Hall
The Free Gift Gospel Mission
1025 Maple Street
Kingsport, TN

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