Homecoming tomorrow

Homecoming means different things to other churches, but to me, Homecoming at The Free Gift Gospel Mission, marks the anniversary of dreams that have come to pass and are still coming to pass. God has brought us a very long way, and He’s not through yet. I was thinking about all the times years ago when Melissa and I would ride around with this vision looking for a building or somewhere where we could hold meetings. I remember praying to the Lord, saying, “Lord, don’t let it just live a few months and close up like so many others.” In fact, some of you reading this were with us when we rented the Community Chest building in Gray, and then we rented a space at Warrior’s path to have a service. God was moving even then as we sought different locations just to have periodic meetings. God has been with us and He is still with us right now. We could have quit and we could have used the past and other excuses to try to shirk our destiny, but the Lord wouldn’t let it happen.

Tomorrow will mark the 9th anniversary of our first official meeting as “The Free Gift Gospel Mission” and we’ll enter our 10th year. We’ve seen some souls saved and some people helped along the way. To God be the glory! By His grace, I’m looking forward to the future serving Him as long as He gives us grace and strength. I hope to see you tomorrow at The Free Gift Gospel Mission for Homecoming 2016. The service starts at 10a.m. There will be NO Sunday School tomorrow and NO evening service. The Sounds of Victory will be our guest singers and there will be a Homecoming meal following the service. Come and join us for this special occasion.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Vern Hall

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