Prayer Requests

You may post your prayer requests here so that the prayer warriors who may be viewing this weblog can help you pray.

19 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please remember Angie Blankenship when you pray. She is battling some health issues right now and needs a touch from the Lord.

  2. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    I ran into a young couple today that were obviously disturbed and need the Lord. Please pray for them. I don’t know their names but the Lord knows who they are.

  3. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Let’s remember Ron Begley’s grand-daughter in prayer. The Lord knows the details. Thanks.

  4. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    The Lord has answered a prayer for our dear brother, Charles Tiller. No pollups founds! Praise the Lord!

  5. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please remember Louise Ketron is prayer. She went to the ER last night with a bladder infection. Also pray for Maria Isley. She fell and broke her shoulder. Finally for now, remember Charlotte Tiller. A tree fell on Charlotte’s house and did some damage, but Charlotter is unharmed.

  6. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please pray for Louise Ketron and Melissa Simpson. Louise is at Indian Path Hospital and needs our prayers. Melissa Simpson is having brain surgery tomorrow in Nashville.

  7. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please pray for a young man named Aaron who recently had a horrible fall. He broke his neck, crushed 5 vertabraes, and fractured his skull. He was med flighted to Bristol. I don’t know how he is doing it, but he is still able to walk after all of this. Please keep him in your prayers.

    Also, Melissa Simpson is in Nashville today having an MRI. Please pray for her and her family.

    Ann Christian is having a procedure tomorrow. Remember her in prayer also.

  8. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please remember the following people in prayer. They all need the Lord’s touch: John Miller, Aaron Cline, and Hayden Faith.

  9. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please remember Shirley Chandler in prayer. She has some health issues and needs the Lord’s touch. Thank you.

  10. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Let’s pray for the families of the victims of the Colorado theatre shootings. They need our prayers right now.

  11. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Let’s pray for Mary Ann Davis, Louise Ketron, and Clarence Matherly. They all need the Lord’s touch.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for Janice Sloan.

  13. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Let’s please remember Austin Simpson who is doing well after having 4 wisdom teeth removed today. Please pray for Fred Ketron, Sandra Noe, and Madge Walton, who are currently hospitalized at Indian Path Hospital. Also, Charlotte Tiller is going in for knee replacement surgery in the morning. Let’s remember her in prayer as well. Thank you.

  14. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Please pray for Matthew Gragg. He is 3 years old and having seizures. He is in the Children’s Hospital in JC. Thanks to all.

  15. Pastor Vern Hall says:

    Thanks to everyone who has prayed for little Braxton. He seems to be doing well after having surgery today. Please continue to pray for him.

  16. Donna Chappell says:

    Right after I was put in the group FGGM I got a message from a friend named Heather. She is going for a breast biopsy Tuesday and the Doctor told her to be prepared for a removal. Please pray for her. I’m just amazed how God has perfect timing. Thank you for being here.

    • Pastor Vern Hall says:

      Donna, we will be praying for Heather. Thank you for letting us know. Please keep us posted.

  17. Thank you all so much for the prayers for Ameilia. She did well in her surgery and is now resting at home. Please keep her in your prayers in hopes that this will work and keep her from being sick all winter long.

    Thank you for the phone call, Pastor Vern. It really meant a lot to us. We were in the pre-op area at the time you called and I couldn’t answer, but we did listen to the message and shared it with Ameilia.

    We are very happy to feel so welcome in the church and are looking forward to attending again.

    • Pastor Vern Hall says:

      Glad to hear things went well. We are here if you need anything. God bless. Hope to see you all again very soon. Give the kids a hug for us.

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